About Us

CGLan was founded by 4 Enthusiastic Gamers who met while studying at JCU. All are dedicated gamers who enjoy having fun and a good laugh. The LAN events by CGLAN are run on a not-for-profit basis. All funds and donations go towards making the event bigger and better for the community.


The CGLan Team!

Elliot Smith – AKA Aqueries


Hey! My name is Elliot. Originally from Sydney, moved to Brisbane when I was 7, and moved up to cairns when I was 23. I am currently doing a Bach of IT (computing & networking) at JCU. My interests are gaming (obviously), cars, and good old fashion bugger all :D. I’m primarily a FPS gamer. Current Favs are Minecraft, all of the COD’s, Bioshock Series, UT series, Trackmania Series and Need for speeds.




Steven Williams – AKA SWill215

1376642_10202320924004944_383768029_nI am Swill. A born n’ bred local. I’m in my early 20s and have been interested in PC-based gaming for over a decade. I have previously hosted a few small LAN parties in Smithfield for university students a few years ago. I am also studying IT at JCU.




Michael Fitzgerald – AKA TheFatHackerprofilepict

Hey, I am Michael aka The Fat Hacker, Originally from Atherton, still from Atherton though I have not been there all my life. I am Currently Working as a Computer Tech while studying my Bachelor of IT @ JCU MFNLTP003 - WIN_20140909_174922Cairns. While being interested in Computers (Derp!) I also have a love for anything mechanical (Especially Trucks and Trains). I have also hosted many small LANs in Atherton over 18 months. I am a Big RTS gamer with a Passion for the Dawn of War and Civ Game Series, Also have a Likeness for RPG games. My Current Favorites are; Assassin’s Creed series, Borderlands Series and Fallout Series as well as many indie games such as Space Engineers and Spintires.

You can find me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thefathacker


Tyler Harris – AKA tylerdeanharris

Hey, I’m Tyler aka tylerdeanharris (go figure). Upon recently turning 18, I have been born and raised in Cairns. I took a keen eye to gaming and technology at a relatively young age. Since then, I’ve continued down the path of IT and am currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology (Computing & Networking) at James Cook University, with my primary focus in the area of IT administration and programming (specifically web based).