LAN Conditions

While at the LAN there are a few conditions that you must abide by…

  1. You are responsible for your own equipment. Make sure your equipment is secure at all times.
    1. Both the Physical and Data security of your machine is your responsibility.
    2. Make sure your computer system is not infected with viruses, malware, spyware, malicious software/code, etc.
    3. Your computer must be fully functioning and working correctly. We will not fix your computer for you.
    4. You are responsible for what content you share.
  2. Cheating / Hacking is not tolerated.
  3. No speakers or any other loud disturbing devices
  4. No Alcohol, Illicit substances, dangerous materials, and weaponry.
  5. No adult/explicit material (e.g.: pornography, obscene graphic imagery, etc.)
  6. Do not attempt to steal any equipment (STEALING IS BAD).
  7. Do not disturb anyone that is gaming.
  8. All behaviour must be acceptable. Violence and abuse is not tolerated.
  9. Be careful of your surroundings. Anyone that damages to the infrastructure provided will be required to pay for the damages caused.
  10. The admins have final say on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.


Any breach of these rules will result in being kicked out of the LAN and PERMANENTLY banned.